• Travel award for 3rd International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering, Seattle, Washington, The Society for Biological Engineering, AiChE, USA
  • Sigma Xi 2nd Best Poster Award, February, 2012 (1st out of 56 posters)
  • Sigma Xi Best Poster Award, February, 2011 (1st out of 50 posters)
  • National Academy of Science, USA, NIH-NIST Joint Resident Research Associate Fellowship, 2008 (Highly competitive, open to international applicant. Only¬†<10 % applicant awarded).
  • Visiting Research Fellowship, Mat. Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2005.
  • The International travel award for 5th International Conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers, Lyon, France. May, 2004.
  • Department of Science and Technology (DST) travel award recipient May 2004.
  • MRSI (Materials Research Society of India) Best presentation award. “Investigations on TC tuned nanoparticles of magnetic oxides for hyperthermia applications “13th AGM. Hyderabad, India. 2002. (1st out of 200 posters)